Friday, September 10, 2010

Where is the Helicopter Simulator Industry going...? Is it moving forward at all??

Where is the Helicopter Simulator Industry going...?

In the beginning of year 2010 it seemed like nothing much was going on. No new news on any cool helicopter collectives, or pedals, cyclic's, complete helicopter cockpits, instruments.... No new software. A few new / updates on the add-on helicopters. And "helicopter simmers" was busy building their home made cockpits as usual. But other than that, nothing. I was waiting for the BIG news that Simcontrol was coming back. Not on it's regular website, but the famous controls, just in a new rapping! But that didn't seem to come either. What was going on? If anything at all...?? A bit confused and over-worked on my regular J.O.B (building up the new IT department at a 36,000 square meter new retail store) - it seemed I was waiting for something that was not going to happen..

It took it's time, then everything started to come together!
Stay tuned, more on this update on it's way.....................

Part 1 - the future of helicopter simulator.. 

Part 2 - helicopter flight controls - what's up?

Simcontrol is back, at a price! A big one!!

"After a long break, am back with some updates on the helicopter flight simulator industry. Stay tuned, its just around the corner..."