Friday, October 16, 2009

The NH90 Helicopter Simulator, the ultimate hardware?

What I wouldn´t give..... to have this pice of hardware - the CAE NH90 helicopter training simulator - in my basement!

Well, to be honest: You would need a hangar to house it. And special agreement with your electric company to run it:)

Jokes aside, the new CAE NH90 simulator in Bückeburg - Germany, is the world`s first full-mission simulator for NH90 military helicopters. Some might know that the NH90 helicopter is chosen among countries as Norway, France, Germany, Oman, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia+++ to be their new military helicopter. Training the pilots to fly the NH90 cost millions. And the possibility of doing some of this training in a simulator, both daily flights operations and military missions saves: money, time and equipment. Also environmentally it has issues. Saving the world a bit more on its carbon footprints. And giving the pilots a opportunity to train under 100% safe conditions preparing them for real world operations! Reducing the safety risks and the number of flight hours that the pilots actually spend in a real NH90 helicopter has a huge impact in every thinkable way.

Helicopter Flight Training Service (HFTS) GmbH is owned by
CAE together with Eurocopter, Thales and Rheinmetall Defense. Each ones 25% of HFTS. Together they are among the world leaders in simulation training solutions.

Canadian CAE have more than 900 flight training devices and simulators, sold to over 115 airliners, manufactures and centers for training, They have simulated a lot of todays modern flight machines. Canadian technology is helping helicopter pilots safely train and to become better prepared. Safety is important for any pilot, but especially for demanding military helicopter flying.

The ultimate Helicopter Simulator Hardware - the CAE NH90.


  1. This Simulator is not a CAE simulator but an HTMI one!

  2. Correct, but HTMI is 50% CAE and 50% Thales owned. CAE has most of the software packages (Flight loop and avionics by Eurocopter).